Listening, setting objectives and delivering a return on investment.

Pathway Group formed in 2002 with the vision of providing high quality public policy advice and strategic direction to clients. We directly support our clients' business objectives by drawing upon our knowledge of government and policy development to deliver superior results in a wide variety of sectors.

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Services that benefit from experience and an innovative approach.

We offer a wide range of services in flexible packages that can be tailored to best suit your objectives and to persuasively craft your message. If you are looking for someone to represent your goals and ideas to government, the public or to work with relevant stakeholders, Pathway provides our clients years of experience and a record of success you can count on.

Our Services

Government Relations

Providing sound tactical advice on how to frame your issue, and effectively get you in front of the right decision-makers to achieve results.

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Providing experience and expertise in campaigns geared towards the public and all levels of government.

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Northern Affairs

Addressing the challenges and opportunities of a changing North.

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Delivering clients with meaningful polling data from the most reputable survey research firm in the business.

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Professional Associations

Services ranging from strategic guidance and long-term planning to tackling the practical daily issues that association managers face.

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Enhancing our clients' public profile while clearly articulating their message to governments, communities and key stakeholders.

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